Why Aarogyam Energy Jewellery?

    At AAROGYAM ENERGY JEWELLERY our aim to maintain health of healthy person and can help cure diseases. What makes a Aarogyam Products better than less expensive products? Aarogyam Energy Jewellery is the world’s premiere manufacturer of magnetic + negative ion watches, magnetic bracelet, magnetic pendants, negative ion pendant and magnetic rings. Our products are favoured by consumers around the world because of their added health benefits, fashionable designs, superior selection and fit, and premium craftsmanship.

    What are the Benefits of Aarogyam Products Compared to Others?

    • Fashion & Style
      Aarogyam has many different styles at a variety of price points to make sure that we have a product for even the most discerning taste. Our Western designs are exclusively designed for Aarogyam and cannot be found anywhere else. Check out our Best Sellers for an idea of our most popular styles.
    • Selection & Fit
      Aarogyam has over 100 styles of different jewellery and watches to choose from, more than any competitor in the market. In fact, we have largest variety globally to ensure you can find the Aarogyam that best fits your taste, needs and wrist size. Refer to our designs to get your correct style.
    • Craftsmanship
      Aarogyam products are made from non-corrosive Titanium or Stainless Steelor Tungsten. Many less expensive bracelets are made with steel or titanium alloys, or in some cases, brass. These materials are not as durable, bad quality plating and will not last as long. Many of our competitors’ bracelets have traces of nickel and iron, which is not recommended and is harmful to human body which can cause boils because of reaction between our Sweat and Nickel.
    • Plating
      Aarogyam also adds a special touch in plating selected product styles with best quality vaccum ion Plating to ensure it doesn’t chip or wear off over time. This plating is expensive and is used in Pharceuticals Companies sensitive machine parts
    • Rust Proof
      Aarogyam products are guaranteed not to rust. All Aarogyam products are made from stainless steel and use premium Samarium Cobalt magnets, both of which are guaranteed not to rust. Other brands use different materials that might rust with regular exposure to moisture.
    • Superior Magnets
      Each magnet is 2200 - 2500 gauss magnet. Other brands use reduced quality magnets that are less effective.
    • Unbeatable Warranty
      Aarogyam Products are covered by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. The typical guarantee with other companies is 30 days.