Usage Warnings

    • While research shows that there are no harmful side effects caused by the use of magnets or Negative Ions
    • All AAROGYAM Products 100% Natural Alternative Therapy Products
    • Please do study our products & buy at your own risk.
    • All information provided is for educational purpose only.
    • By no means in any information presented here in, intended to substitute for the advise provided to you by your own doctor, physician or health care provider.
    • If you under medication do not stop the course while using the product, please consult with your doctor for doing the same.
    • Avoid & prevent from water, sunlight, shampoo, soap, detergent, chemicals, all types of pollution. Natural Neodymium magnets may get damaged because of the above mentioned conditions in some cases.
    • No guarantee of the plating of any of the products.
    • Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should keep magnetic therapy products at least 18"(45cm) from the device.
    • Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before using magnetic therapy products.
    • For Low Blood Pressure you should wear in Left Hand and for High Blood Pressure you need to wear in Right Hand. For regular pressure you can wear in any hand preferably Right Hand.
    • Do not place magnetic therapy products in direct contact with computer discs, audio/video tapes and credit cards.
    • No health commitments from our end. Results may vary from person to person depending on her/his body mass index, type and condition of a disease, how chronic the the condition is, accumulated fat, age habits and/or similar.

    Aarogyam Products are not medicine or Drug.